About us

     The “Monevi” Law firm work in all over the country and operated with civil, criminal, administrative and enforcement matters and representation in them.
     Our team consults and represents Bulgarian and foreign, individual and juridical person in matters relating to:
– Contractual and non-contractual /torts etc./ relations;
– Family and heritage law;
– Sale and rental of real estate brokerage;
– Regulation and structure of the territory;
– Registration and pre-registration of companies and branches of foreign traders in Bulgaria;
– Participation and protection in public procurement and competition;
– Taxation and tax relief;
– The liquidation and insolvency;
– Making all kinds of contracts, exchange, promissory notes and related matters;
– Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Contact us:

Bulgaria, Razgrad 7200, st.”Ludogrie” 6, first floor 

Tel.: 00359/84662299

E-mail/MSN/Skype: [email protected]

GPS: 43.532146,26.518615